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Explosion Proof Lighting

Atex TorchesAtex Torch

Intrinsically Safe Torches,
Headtorches, lamps

Atex BeaconsAtex Beacons

Ex Certified, Intrinsically Safe Signal Beacons

Ex LoudspeakersAtex Loudspeaker

Atex loudspeakers,
Alarms Horns, Sounders


Contact Sales

+44 (0)800 7565305

Atex LED Pendant & Bulkhead Lights

These Atex certified LED lighting units are designed and certified for use in industry areas made hazardous by flammable gases, vapors, liquids and dust. Atex certified for zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

Explosion Proof LED Pendant Light

Explosion Proof LED Pendant, 17W / 2000lm
Ex Certifed LED Pendant
0401.35 LED 30

Ex LED Pendant light 30W /2850lm
Intrinsically Safe LED Pendant Light

LED Pendant light , 30W 2850lm
Atex LED Bulkhead
0403.24 LED 20

LED Bulkhead, 20W / 2000lm

Lumenox Atex Luminaires & Atex Bulkheads

These Lumenox luminaires are high output, robust and have reliable LED's for use in oil & gas, petro-chemical, aviation, marine and utility applications.

Suitable for use in Zones 1,2,21 & 22, weatherproof to IP66 and with a robust LM6 alloy housing, they are suitable for use in the harshest environments.


Luminox LBS Atex Bulkheads
- 1200 &2000lm versions

Lumenox Lighting - High Bay Atex Luminaire

Atex Bulkhead & Pendant Lights - Non LED

These Atex certified Pendant Lights & Bulkheads with incadescent or halogen lamps are certified for zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

Atex Bulkhead

Atex Bulkhead, up to 100W
Explosion Proof Pendant Light

Ex / Explosion Proof Pendant up to 250W